West Kentish

More Suburbs

Sheffield – “The Town of Murals” is about 20-25 minutes drive inland from Devonport.  Nestled in the foothills of Mount Roland this quiet town’s claim to fame are the murals on shop fronts and buildings depicting the way life used to be.  Surrounding areas are quaintly named No Where Else, Paradise and Promised Land – the latter is home to “Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot” which is the world’s largest maze complex and a lavender farm and village in miniture.

Railton – “The Town of Topiary” is around 20 minutes drive from Devonport with opportunities for fishing, walking, BBQ’s and along its streets you will find living topairies (sculptured plants).

Wilmot is approx 40 minutes drive from Devonport through the Forth Valley.  Along the way you pass through the quirky letterbox trail where the locals have been creative – you’ll see everything from a cow to a car engine

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