Real Estate is a journey. We tend to think it’s only relevant when we are looking to buy or sell but in reality people are always showing interest in real estate because it is always changing. Those of us who own property are always interested in what our property may be worth at any given time. Those of us who don’t own but want to are interested in what a house may cost them. Additionally, we are house proud and tend to make improvements, renovations and additions to our homes during the time we live in them.

This is why it’s so important to have a good relationship with a good real estate agent in your area. Real estate agents aren’t just here to help you sell, rent, lease or buy. At Halliwell Property Agents we are always on call for our clients to offer market information. Keeping in touch with your agent helps you keep in touch with the market and keep in touch with what your property may be worth. We all have one accountant we use, one lawyer, one dentist, one doctor and so on. We visit these people regularly for check-ups and advice. To be honest, the real estate industry is no different. We should all have our “preferred agent” who helps us during our real estate journey and keeps us up to speed with market information and regular check-ups regardless of whether we are thinking of doing something right now or not.

At Halliwell Property Agents we place great emphasis on this kind of relationship. We don’t see ourselves as a business that is only called upon when our clients are ready to sell or buy. We are interested in staying in touch and keeping in contact so that our clients remain well informed of where they sit in the market regardless of where they are in their journey.

As we move forward this magazine will work towards providing current information about the market and what’s happening in general. For a more detailed report on your own property please contact one of our consultants to have an open and honest discussion.

You haven’t dealt with us before or you don’t have a preferred agent?

Why not pick up the phone and make one of the skilled negotiators at Halliwell Property Agents your preferred agent today. No matter where you are in your journey by doing this you’ll be prepared and informed when the time comes to act. 

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